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"Through the principles we believe in, our aim is to help
you and the people you care about develop the tools and
strategies that take your health and quality of life to a
level you didn’t dare think possible!"

Adam Coates

Alpha Performance & Wellbeing


About Us...

My name is Adam Coates and I helped set up the company Alpha Performance & Wellbeing. As our mission statement above states, helping people learn the best ways to improve their health and lifestyle is what we're all about. As quite a chunky kid (and with all the social things that go with that) I got to a point where I was really quite down about my body. After trying many fad diets that didn’t work, I eventually identified that through a simple combination of sport and appropriate nutrition, I began to move in the right direction.


Ever since then I've been passionate about finding better ways of helping others help themselves, so that they don't have to deal with that frustration and guilt that is always in the back of their minds.

Collaborating with PosterFit

Another part of this passion is helping people blow their perceptions out of the water and realise that they are capable of more. I know many people who wouldn't step foot in a gym or even exercise (my mother for one); even though they know it's good for them for the fear of 'what others thought'. So assisting people in banishing those false beliefs and getting out there and doing what they know is right really is an honour.


This is one of the many reasons I was glad to team up with PosterFit. Many gym users do not see the maximum rewards for the hard work they put in. This is through no fault of their own, it is simply because they are not advised or shown how to train or eat correctly to maximise their workout. As with most things in life, access to knowledge from people who have already achieved the goals you are aiming for is priceless. The information on the posters, the QR materials and extra information that we will be blogging about, gives users direct insight to inside knowledge that can take years off their learning curve and help them get to their goals infinitely quicker. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing my clients have this kind of information to hand.

Click here to visit the Alpha Performance & Wellbeing website.