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Adapting to the changes and needs of today's gym users, PosterFit has created a range of engaging posters to help educate and improve training techniques and address common myths in training, exercise and diet.

The posters encourage users that lack confidence and knowledge to step out of their comfort zone to realise their goals.

What makes us stand out from the crowd

The following unique features combine to make PosterFit’s
products the ultimate training partner.

Content - Something for Everyone

All posters have been designed in consultation with a core group of personal trainers, gym users and gym managers to ensure that the content is appealing to all users, no matter what their goals or level of fitness.

Commitment to Quality

PosterFit has over 15 years experience producing eye-catching and informative posters. This expertise, combined with the knowledge of training specialists has enabled PosterFit to create a unique range of posters for the training environment that are unrivalled by any other posters on the market. With Alpha Performance & Wellbeing onboard to help develop posters we can guarantee expert advice. Read more

Long Lasting

All posters include a robust heavy-stock encapsulation, making them durable and long lasting even in the most active of training environments.