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Health and Fitness Set of 20

Daydream Education's Set of 20 Health & Fitness posters are guaranteed to brighten up any training environment and are a great reference point for all gym users to get clear and concise advice and exercise ideas.  The posters demonstrate a range of exercises and stretches for different parts of the body and educate users on how to use a variety of kit. They also identify muscle groups and training zones and thresholds as well as helping users understand the nutrition they need for training.

The set includes the following poster titles: Arms, Chest, Core, Shoulders, Back, Legs, Upper Body Stretching, Lower Body Stretching, Warm Up and Cool Down, Training Zones and Thresholds, Understanding Nutrition, Nutrition for Training, Muscle Groups and Exercises, Kettlebells, Medicine Ball, Exercise Ball, Resistance Bands, Suspension Training, Foam Roller and Ladder Drills.

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