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Russ Edwards

Gym Manager

As a gym manager I am constantly looking for new ways to engage my members. As soon as I saw the new PosterFit range, I was excited how they could improve our training programmes and help support our members in achieving their goals.


The posters are a superb way of introducing simple and effective training techniques and allow our members to take on board information at their own pace. They demonstrate a wide variety of exercises that enable anyone using them to vary the difficulty and level of intensity of their training.


When I showed the posters to the PT team they all agreed that they would definitely add value to our gym and they would use the poster as a reference point for general gym users and during PT sessions for their client base.


The posters are modern, eye catching and have been incredibly well received by our members. The models used in the poster are perfect! They are in excellent shape but aren’t too muscle-bound giving our members an achievable body shape to aim for.


The posters cover many of the key topics that are most relevant to all gym users. By putting some of the posters up in the free weights section, more members have had the confidence to use this area of the gym that is normally seen as “no go area”. The posters are slowly helping us breakdown some of the myths of training and nutrition.


From a practical point of view, having the poster laminated and being able to buy them in frames is great for us. The frames are an excellent finish to the posters and definitely give the gym a more professional feel.


Paul Jones

Personal Trainer

From a Personal Trainer’s perspective, the posters are ideal for all types of gym users. There are a wide range of effective exercises for each body part, many showing variations to work the muscles from different angles or at different intensities.


The posters are informative both on exercise and nutrition, and can act as an excellent reminder for any technique/teaching points; especially when using the detailed videos via the QR codes. This is a great tool to work with personal programmes when there is no instructor/trainer present.


The posters are simple and easy to follow; therefore it is not only the experienced trainers that will benefi­t, but also new gym users. Knowing that there is extra advice/guidance can act as a great confidence boost to those who feel they are out of their comfort zone.


Hopefully, these posters will inspire more people to become and continue to be more active.


Knowledge is key to a person continuing to follow a nutritional and exercise plan. Posters such as "Muscles", "Stretches" and "Warm Up and Cool Down" provide that extra bit of knowledge that goes a long way in areas that many gym users overlook, but are vital for achieving optimum performance and preventing injuries.


These posters would be a great addition to any gym!

Hannah Wall

Gym User

Up until recently I have only ever used the cardio equipment in the gym; switching between the running machine, cross-trainer and bike, and occasionally doing some sit-ups and other stomach exercises. This helped me lose a bit of weight and reach a “decent” level of ­fitness but nothing has really happened lately – no weight loss or improvements in ­fitness.

I have recently started using the weights section in the gym to try and tone up and shift a few pounds!

How do you use the posters?

I have been told by a few people that I should start using weights but I have never felt confi­dent venturing into the free weights section, plus I always thought that doing weights would make me chunkier! The posters have dispelled this misconception, and have helped me understand the bene­fits of using both cardio and weights as part of my training.

I now use the posters for exercise ideas and to check that I am performing the exercises correctly. There are lots of different exercise variations so I can easily alter my routine when I fancy a change.

The nutrition posters have also recently been put up in the gym and I have found these very helpful. I have never liked following a strict regimented diet plan so the simple swaps and short and snappy advice in the charts are a blessing! I have introduced some of the small changes to my diet and this has had a big impact on how I look and feel.